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About Sanja Cameron-Clarke, creator and founder of A for Noochie

Hello and welcome to my shop! My name is Sanja and I come from Slovenia; a beautiful, tiny European country that everyone should visit. I have lived and worked in London, UK for more than a decade and call it home.

I am a vet in my daytime job but creativity runs in our family and A for Noochie became my outlet to challenge myself creatively and find some relaxation in hand-making something I am passionate about.

My firstborn daughter is the big inspiration behind this company. When she was a baby I was in search of a hair clip that would actually stay in her short wispy hair and would at the same time be small and simple in design for her petite head. 

Sustainability is my big priority and on many occasions a setback at the beginning stages of growing the company as I am trying to choose a path of production that is as sustainable as possible.

I started with 4 fabrics and this grew into a variety of clips in a year. I love seeing my little business grow organically but more than that I love all the positive customer feedback. This is what keeps me going and believing I am on the right track.

I am hoping to finally invest more time into this love project this year and am excited for the new chapter of this journey.